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Electronic controller to ensure accurate temperature control
Full-function remote control (with batteries)
Easy 1-8 hour timer
90 degree swing function
Safety of the PTC element of self-regulation
Contact with paper, matches or clothing will not burn
Specially designed fire-resistant PBT can keep touch not hot
Automatic overheat protection

Air cooler

Fashion design
Large water tank
Fashion color highlighting VFD display
Remote electronic control
1-9 hour timer setting
High in the Low three-stage air
Multi-angle free-swinging
Deodorizing, filtration, purification equipment
Polymer materials, water curtains mildew odor
Remote Control
Ice box
Dry automatic alarm system


Water mill fine grinding system
Nutritional control chip mill
Boiled water mill control program
A new generation of ultra-quiet motor mill
V-shaped double blade mill
Water Mill intelligent cleaning technology
Food-grade plastic cup pc
Function: All beans, whole grains, Eight Baiwei, cool drink, from washing


LCD display
1-10 hour timer
Low-noise design
Water alarm system